If you suffer from nasal polyps that block the nasal passages and cause difficulty breathing, you may need a sinus procedure. Performed in the office, SINUVA is a minimally invasive procedure.

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Commonly Asked Questions

During a routine office visit, Dr. Furze will use topical and/or local anesthesia to numb your nose and sinuses. SINUVA is then placed in the sinus cavity through the nasal opening. SINUVA is designed to deliver anti-inflammatory medicine over the course of 90 days.

SINUVA Sinus Implant is a drug-releasing (mometasone furoate) implant indicated for the treatment of nasal polyps in patients 18 years of age and older who have had ethmoid sinus surgery.

Its innovative design provides a 2-in-1 approach that both opens the sinus cavity as well as releases anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps for up to 90 days.

SINUVA benefits typically seen by Day 90 include:

    • Significantly reduced nasal obstruction and congestion
    • Significantly improved impaired sense of smell

SINUVA is typically covered by most PPO insurance when it is causing significant medical issues, such as chronic nasal obstruction, recurrent sinus infections, sinus headaches, chronic mouth breathing/snoring, recurrent nosebleeds or various other symptoms. Our office is experienced in working with insurance companies, and we will assist you with insurance issues.

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