Facial Fracture Repair & Reconstruction

Facial Fracture Repair & Reconstruction

If you’ve had an accident or trauma in which your facial bones were fractured, Dr. Furze can help you regain your looks and repair the structural integrity of your face.

Facial fractures are diagnosed when one or more of the four main bones of the face are broken. The fracture is named for the place in which it occurs: orbital fracture, jaw fracture, mid-face fracture and nasal fracture.

Experienced in facial fracture repair and facial reconstruction, Dr. Furze creates a customized reparative plan for each patient.

If you have questions about facial fracture repair or reconstruction, contact us today to schedule an appointment!


Uniquely Qualified.

Dr. Furze is one of only a few Orange County surgeons who is double board certified in both nasal/sinus and plastic surgery for the best possible results.

Proven Success.

Dr. Furze has performed more than 20,000 functional nasal and aesthetic facial plastic surgeries, delivering proven success for happy patients

Excellent Communication.

Dr. Furze and his staff are dedicated to guiding patients through their surgery journey in a comfortable way. Bilingual in English and Spanish.