Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
Reconstructive Surgeon and Head and Neck Surgeon

Based in Newport Beach, Alexis D. Furze, MD, FACS is one of Orange County's most educated surgical specialists. Dr. Furze is passionate about his surgical craft - often treating several different cosmetic and functional issues in one procedure.

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Should you find yourself suffering from Sinusitis and/or structural abnormalities of the sinuses, please click above to visit the Nasal & Sinus ENT site to explore options of treating your breathing difficulties. Nasal & Sinus / ENT
For individuals who are looking for anti-aging procedures and/or facial reconstruction due to trauma, please visit our Facial Plastic Surgery site to investigate alternatives in achieving their personal aesthetic goals. Facial Plastic Surgery
For individuals suffering from Hyperthyroidism and Acute/Chronic Sinusitis please visit our Head & Neck Surgery site to view what sinus disorders and thyroid conditions can be treated with our offered surgical procedures. We look forward to addressing all concerns and needs. HEAD AND NECK Surgery
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